Fainting Grits Farm​​

We take pride in our diverse herd of thirty + Myotonic (Fainting) Goats. We havMyotonics are heritage goats that are easy keepers and are more parasite resistant and resilient than other breeds.

Although we do not show, we try to always breed to the Myotonic Breed  description. We are keepers of this wonderful and versatile breed. It is our obligation to strive with every step to improve our herd.​​

Myotonic Goats are a primarily a meat goat but are used as dual purposes goats at Fainting Grits Farm. They are wonderful pets with their calm ,sweet personalities. We milk  some of our girls after they have weaned their babies. We often get a quart to a quart and a half a day.

We have found Myotonics to be the perfect all purpose goats because of these wonderful traits. Myotonics also are less likely to challenge fences. Most will not jump on things especially as they mature and gain body mass and weight.

​We are very Proud to say, our Myotonic herd tested clean May of 2018 for Johnnes, CAE and CL.